The generation that were born holding mobile devices is ready to take on the work place and as the fastest growing consumer base, gen Z are the most tech-savvy consumers to date. We’ve listed 5 things to help you understand the most ethnically diverse generation in history.

Don’t Fake It
Studies show that although they are hungry to learn with the use of “How to” content, they are eagerly searching for real stories that show “behind the scenes action” or something that includes getting to know the people behind their best loved brands.

Know Your Screen
Screen time for everyone is on the rise but these so-called device worshipers have smartphones within at least reaching distance for the majority of the day. Make sure your campaign has been made specifically to be seen on these devices. You’ll have their attention for approximately 8 seconds so make it count.

The new kids on the block have an incredibly short attention span but they are the masters of multitasking, flicking through up to 5 apps at a time. This doesn’t mean you have to be everywhere but if you are going to be, make sure you do it well.

All in This Together
This generation have grown up in a group chat, making group decisions. Even in an empty room they are not alone, someway, they are always connected. Be a part of their conversation, give them something to talk about and share.

See It. Like It. Want It.
Remember waiting a week for the next episode of your favourite tv show? With the likes of Netflix supplying content on demand companies are following suit. Take NAMSHI for example, you can now get same day delivery. Generation Z don’t want to wait, so don’t make them, otherwise while you’re sleeping, they will find someone who can do all they want and more.

As a summary, in order to win the hearts of the new generation, you need to be real and be prepared to open up – express your emotions. Wherever you choose to be, your content needs to create an impact to ensure they take notice and press “share”. Most importantly you need to be accessible and as instant as possible.

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