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When it comes to the event industry it’s essential, you’re doing everything you can to ensure you stay ahead of the game. Whether you’re exhibiting at a conference or hosting your own event, standing out from the crowd should be your main priority.

Here’s some of the hottest event trends you should be considering:

Next Level Social

One of the most important aspects you can incorporate into your event is social media. These days it is almost guaranteed your attendees are likely to be active on at least one social media channel, inspire them to use it to share their personal experiences of your event.

Consider using interactive walls, a social media scavenger hunt or even live streams on your channels, you may be surprised how much engagement this can create. Asking people to use a hashtag to share posts is still proving beneficial in enhancing social media coverage.

Embracing Intimacy

People often think that bigger is better, but more and more events are starting to embrace intimacy. With so many things going on at once, people can easily become overwhelmed and feel as though they’ve not got as much as they would have liked from an event. Scaling things down to something more digestible is predicted to be one of the most popular conference styles moving forward.

The Reality of VR & AR

A great way to get people physically involved in an event is to incorporate virtual and augmented reality into your set up. Whether it’s showing a unique experience or encouraging people to interact with one another, virtual and augmented reality is fun and relatively new. It really does get people talking. Whilst it may not be the most affordable event technology, it’s an incredible way to make an impression.

There’s An App For That

So, you must be familiar with Apple and Android pay, well you can now use that technology for your events and it’s becoming more and more accessible. Whether it’s to enter the exhibition hall, check in for sessions, swap contact details with a fellow delegate or collect documents, NFC and contactless devices can make everything a bit more stress free and much more streamlined.

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