The holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching, and you are most likely thinking that you’ll get no engagement from your customers during this time. This isn’t the case, in fact, by understanding how digital behaviours change, and adapting to meet this demand can ensure your customer is engaged during this period.

Put your left foot (or right, we're not fussy) forward and step into a data driven approach as customers are increasing their time spent on mobile devices, consuming more video and performing far more internet searches. Your customer is much more likely to interact with your social platforms and engage with your blog.

1) Let’s create Ramadan-specific content, demonstrate that you understand the topics which matter most to your customers. Use themes of sharing, helping those in need, and developing good habits both spiritually and physically, crafting a message or a story carrying one or more of those themes will create appealing content which shows your customer that your brand cares about the same things that they do.

2) We mentioned earlier that more internet searches are taking place. There’s a significant increase in the keywords ‘promotions’ ‘discounts’ and ‘special offers’, so if you are planning a promotion or a sale now is the right time to organise a campaign that is in line with this.

3) Ramadan is a time for people to come together with a strong sense of family. Show that your brand is human and relatable. Why not share a video of your team coming together to do something positive to give back to the community like donating to the Ramadan fridges? Or maybe you joined each other for Iftar? As a serviced based business, you may want to invite your consumers to join you, letting them be a part of your work family.

4) It's time to re-consider your publishing schedule, this will make a huge difference to customers interacting with you. During Ramadan many people will shift their routines towards the night-time hours. A surge is usually seen from 6pm until around 2am.

Ready to engage with your customers during this time? We can help you create an impact.