Across the world, leaders are putting actions in to place for the comeback and over the last couple of weeks restrictions have slowly been lifted in Dubai allowing us to have a taste freedom again. We hope you didn’t sit back when the pandemic hit because what you do now, is what matters. It’s time to level up so you can hit the ground running.

Your Social Media
Social Media and Internet usage in general has increased dramatically over the last month. While part of this is people turning to Netflix and the other streaming networks, much of it is for communication purposes with social media being a preferred form of communication for most people. Of course, people may not be thinking about booking into their hairdresser or taking their car in for a service. But they will still be interested in you. They will take notice of useful, engaging content you share, and are likely to remember your brand, even if they have never used your services.

Your Website
You might need to alter your website to reflect current demand better. For instance, if you run a multi-concept store, you might want to emphasise your food and home essentials products over more luxury items. Remember that digital marketing has one significant benefit over most other types of marketing. It doesn't require any face-to-face interaction. It is also one of the more measurable types of marketing, making it easy to set clear ROI goals.

Your SEO
Whilst everyone is online, they are also becoming warier of personal interactions. But that doesn't mean that they have lost interest in the businesses around them. In some cases, enforced time alone has given people more opportunities to make Google searches and research potential services and products to buy so ensure you’re able to be seen and are competitive on quality and prices.

Be Collaborative
Collaborative marketing is a strategy that involves working with companies that have an audience and buyer that is like yours. When you collaborate, you are increasing your brand awareness by utilising both parties’ audience to promote products and services as it increases the outreach and strength of the advertisement whilst minimising the budget spend.

For example: Netflix and Baskin Robbins collaborated on a campaign when Stranger Things was released. Netflix wanted to create awareness and interest in Stranger Things and Baskin Robbins wanted to generate footfall using stranger things fans to come and try their new flavours!

If this is the first time you are looking into this type of marketing, it is key that you ask yourself these questions;

  • Do both companies share the same values?
  • Do the products or services support each other?
  • Do you share the same target markets?
  • Do both companies have complementary campaign goals for this collaboration?

What you do today, ensures you are in a better position tomorrow. Drop us a message if you’re looking for some advice tailored to your industry!